Wednesday, December 19, 2012

8 months

Although I do miss my tiny baby I have to say this stage is super fun!!  His little personality is really starting to show and Gordon and I LOVE it!!  William is just so happy.  He is such a breath of fresh air....his little smile lights up a room.  He can turn a bad day around in the blink of an eye.  We couldn't have been blessed with a better baby. 

8 months old
Weight- He's hanging out around 14.5 lbs
Eating- His eating is pretty much the same.  4 oz bmilk every 3 hours or so (during the day).  He has a bottle at 6am, eats fruit/cereal, has 3 bottles while at school, a bottle when we get home, has vegetable/cereal and a bottle at bedtime.  He's still waking up around 2am to eat.  I'll talk more about that in the sleep section!  We've added oatmeal, apples and avacado to his food list and tonight he's trying pumpkin!
Sleeping- We've finally moved William to his crib!  There have been a few nights we've kept him in our room (in his bassinet) because he's been sick and all his coughing wakes him up and makes me nervous.  Like I said earlier he is still waking up at 2 am to eat.  People keep telling me that he's not hungry that it's just a habit now.  Maybe so but the poor little guy wakes up mad (which is unusual for him).  I BF him and he's back to sleep within 15 minutes.  Maybe one day I'll try to stop but right now I feel like he's still small and he's only drinking 24 oz of milk a day (which is the lower limit of what's recommended).  I also keep reading that babies his age should sleep 12 hours a night.  Well, that doesn't happen in this house!  I'm all for reading "those" books but honestly you just never know what kinda baby you're gonna get ( moms go into it with an open mind!).  Everyone (every baby) has their own personality.  William sleeps about 10 hours a night and takes two naps during the day that last an hour and a half each (give or take).
Development-  The biggest change is he can sit up on his own!  He loves to sit on the floor and play with all of his toys.  When either Gordon or I walk into the room he smiles so I know he recognizes us.  He talks alot but I don't know if I'd call it babbling?!?!  He can move toys from one hand to the other (I really don't know when he started doing this...could have been last month and I just noticed him doing it more now).    
Clothing size- Size 2 diapers and most things 6 months.  9 month stuff swallows him up! 
Things mommy loves- I love how he looks and me and studies my face.  He's becoming so observant.  I'm so glad he's mine. 
Mommy stuff-  I still have my linea nigra.  It's lighter of course but still there.  Maybe I'll always have it?!?!  I wouldn't mind.  :)   I'm having an ultrasound tomorrow to see exactly what's going on with my uterus.  I can hardly wait to find out. 
Things WJG loves- He discovered his tongue this past Saturday.  It's pretty funny to watch him stick it out.  He loves to be tickled too!  He just giggles and giggles.  He's finally not afraid of the dancing dog and wants to touch everything that's in your hands.  He loves chewing on his fingers, jumping in his play thing, and looking at himself in the mirror (eventhough I'm sure he has no idea it's HIM).         
Things WJG doesn't like-  He's still easy going and rarely cries in the car seat these days.  The only time he really gets mad is if he's hungry.    
Funny daddy stuff- William had a nasty diaper the other got everywhere...including his PJs.  Gordon had to wash them out before we could put them in the washing machine.  If you know G you know he hates smelly stuff...especially poop!  He did it but afterwards said he was done for the night...he had to end on that note and take a shower.  :) 

William did really well with the pictures today.  Until the end......

Nap time followed shortly after this! :)


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