Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday Christmas Style

Last Wednesday was a getting ready for Christmas kinda day!  William and I hung out at the house all day baking cookies, listening to Christmas music, making him some food (including pumpkin & apple which he didn't love too much) and wrapping up gifts for his teachers and friends at school.  We only left the house once to pick up a few things at Target.  By the time Gordon got home the house smelled delicious, all the laundry was done (and ready to be packed up for Midland) and the house was clean!  William and I had a productive day.  :)  That evening a couple of my friends came over for a little girls night.  Gotta love pizza + wine + a Christmas tree!  William hung out with us until it was his bedtime...then upstairs he went for boy time with daddy! 

Clockwise from top left: 
~ Gifts wrapped and ready under the tree!  ~ Helping mommy wrap up cookies for his teacher's brunch the next day.  W got his teachers a Kate Spade coin purse and HEB gift card and his Nana & Papa gave them a Target gift card.  We love how much they love him! ~ Santa's Little Helper ~ Daddy's new truck in front of our house ~ Sitting up like a big boy while mommy bakes ~ Bachelor Button and Snowflake Sugar Cookies!

Christmas time has been so much fun with William.  He may not understand what's going on quite yet but it's neat to think about all the years ahead of us!  Gordon and I have noticed so many changes in him over the last week.  Everyday he is a little more aware of his surroundings.  He went from being interested in touching our faces, to what was in our hands and now EVERYTHING.  He's so curious!  I told Gordon to get ready....we are about to have a mover on our hands!


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