Sunday, June 24, 2012

9 weeks old

We've had a pretty laid back weekend.  Friday night we had some friends over for dinner (Mary Catherine, Zito, Grant and Emily) but other than that we've done a lot of laying around.  Gordon babysat yesterday while I laid by the pool for a couple of hours.  I was (and still am) in desperate need of some sun.  I've never been so pale!!  Gordon and I stayed up way too late last night watching The Girl With A Dragon Tatoo.  By the time the movie was done it was time for one of William's middle of the night feedings.  I think we finally made it to bed around 1:30.  We had breakfast in bed and now we are just waiting for my parents to get into town.  They have been in San Antonio all weekends with some of their friends and are now heading this way to visit us!  My sweet parents got us Coldplay tickets so they will be babysitting tomorrow night while Gordon and I have a little date night!!!
Here are some random pictures from the last few days.


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