Friday, June 29, 2012

Flashback Friday #2

Weeks 12 & 13 (November 27-December 10)
Mood- Hello 2nd trimester!  :)  I was feeling happy and festive!  We got all the Christmas decorations out and the Christmas tree up.  I was so tired and sore after all the decorating.  I remember thinking it will be so much harder to decorate next year when we have a 6 month old crawling around....but so much more fun!
How my body feels- Good!  I was only waking up once a night to use the restroom instead of 3 times!  (that didn't last long since I ended up carrying William so low)
Cravings- I was so hungry in the morning.  Some mornings I would have to get up at 4am and eat a cereal bar.  I was still carrying crackers around with me and hadn't gained any weight yet.   
Important things this week- I had the genetic testing done at week 12 (everything came back good).  During the ultrasound portion of the test Baby G was a wiggle worm.  The poor lady could barely get a picture of him with all the squirming he was doing.  This was the appointment the ultrasound tech thought I had 2 uteruses?!?!  Gordon and I drove to Austin for a couple of days so he could take 2 of his landscape tests.  While we were there the poor guy got food poisoning from the seafood enchiladas at our favorite restaurant, Z-Tejas.  After being up all night he still took the tests and PASSED them both.  While he took his tests I shopped, got a massage and shopped some more.  These two weeks were so busy with work Christmas parties, trying to catch up with friends over dinner, doctors appointments and just life in general.  I was one tired mama but loved getting to see our baby on the big screen during the genetic appointment!

Alison took this picture while we were at
work because she thought I looked so
 huge that day.  haha...still a tiny belly!


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