Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A good quote

I saw this quote the other day and really love it!!  It is OH SO TRUE!  With all the Facebook and Blogging people do these days it's easy to read about all the wonderful things people are doing and think your own life is boring or not as perfect.  I learned years ago that people only post/write about the happy times.  It may look like others have the "perfect life" but really we all struggle and have not so wonderful days.  SO, just as the quote above says....don't compare your life to others.  You never know what that person/family is really going through. 
Though I am so in love with my life right now....I have cried most of today.  I just found out that I have to go back to work July 12th instead of August 12th.  I am crushed.  We don't have child care set up until September 4th so it looks like we'll have to get a nanny until then.  Not only do nannies make me nervous I'm just not ready to go back yet.  William is SO small and farther behind a "normal" baby.  He wasn't even due to be born until this Sunday!  I hate that I lost 4 weeks with him at home.  Being at the hospital just wasn't the same.  There were some days that I only got to hold him for 30 minutes THE ENTIRE DAY!  I am very grateful that William is as healthy as he is but.....I will probably continue to cry the next few days. :)  Just being honest!  haha.  Say a little prayer for poor Gordon.


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