Sunday, June 17, 2012

Daddy Day

Happy Daddy's Day to all you Papas out there!  We had a nice little weekend here in the Gooding household.  Friday night we went out for a little Mexican food!  YUMMY!  Since I'm back to my pre pregnancy weight, breast feeding and always hungry (and thirsty) I really enjoyed myself and ordered way too much food!  I love me some queso.  I craved cheese my entire pregnancy.  It was probably the worst the first trimester.  I remember Gordon saying one day...."I feel like we've been eating a lot of queso lately..."  YEP, we have!  I ordered queso at Berryhill, Chili's, Tony's, El Tiempo, El Rey....the list goes on and on.  Even with all the crazy queso eating I had only gained 2 pounds at 16 weeks pregnant. 
Saturday morning we picked up breakfast burritos and donuts before heading to Home Depot to get a freezer for all the breast milk we've collected.  We figured it was worth the money since we will save tons of money on formula AND baby boy will get the good stuff with breast milk for his first year of life (hopefully).  Saturday night we grilled out with a few of our friends.  The Barteau's came over as well as the Holman's with their cute baby girl, Piper.  John Davis hates to talk about Piper and William being anything other than "brother and sister"....hehe....time will tell!
Baby boy woke up at 4am and only dozed off a little bit here and there until 9am.  When he finally fell asleep Gordon and I got up to cook breakfast.  G made his famous french toast, we cuddled with William once he was awake and then G headed to the gun range with Barteau for some boy time.  William and I are so lucky to have such a wonderful man in our life!!  HAPPY FIRST FATHER'S DAY HONEY!

Organizing the "liquid gold"!


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