Friday, June 22, 2012

Flashback Friday

When I started blogging back in January I was already nearly half way through my pregnancy....and since I'm using this blog as a scrapbook/journal I thought I'd start doing Flashback Friday about the beginning of my pregnancy with William! 

10 & 11 weeks (November 13-26)

Mood- I was feeling anxious about this weeks appointment since the last appointment at 7 weeks I was told I had a bicornuate uterus.  I remember sitting in the waiting room and saying to Gordon, "Do you think I'll feel this nervous before every appointment?"  Little did I know the answer was YES times 100...I was even more nervous at the end with all the challenges we faced with bedrest and growth restriction.
How my body feels-  The light cramping and spotting I had for the first 8 or 9 weeks was starting to get better but pregnancy acne had kicked in!  YUCK! I had a lot of right sided cramping around 6 weeks (I would soon find out that this was the side William would stay on my entire pregnancy).  I also had a lot of chest tenderness until I was in the 10th week.  Most nights I was in bed at 8pm and asleep no later than 9.  I didn't realize how tired I was the first trimester until it was over.  I was still working out 3 days a week.
Cravings-  Goldfish and cheetos!  I felt sick to my stomach every morning until after lunch but luckily never had any vomiting (I made sure to always carry crackers with me).  Turkey sounded SO gross! 
Important things this week-  Doctors appointment on Thursday the 17th.  Babies heartrate 174.  Daddy's 30th birthday and surprise party at Tony's.  Week 11 was Thanksgiving and the weekend we made the "official" announcement that I was pregnant. 

Here's a video of the little peanut!  It's kinda blurry but you can see him do a flip (around 19 seconds) and move his little arms and legs around.  We used to watch this video on repeat.  :)

About 10 weeks preggo

Thanksgiving Day


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