Monday, April 29, 2013

12 months old

12 months old

Weight- 17 lbs 1 ounces (~10% on preemie chart and 0.3% on regular)
Height- 28.25 inches (~50% on preemie and 8% on regular)
Head Circumference- 19.99 inches (~50% on preemie and 29% on regular)

Eating- His eating is pretty much the same.  He does seem to have more of a routine lately.  He either nurses or has a bottle at 6am, eats fruit/oatmeal at 8am, has a 4 oz bottle at 10, lunch at 11:30 (vegetable), another 4 oz bottle at 2:30 and again at 5 or 5:30.  We feed him dinner around 7:00 (vegetable/meat and rice) and I nurse him before bedtime (around 8 or 8:30).  So, he's dropped one feeding in the evening but is eating more at night (around 6 oz).   Over the last month he's tried blueberries, raspberries and apricots.  I added carrots back into the mix and he seems to be doing okay with them.  He has finally started eating some real food that's not pureed.  He tried some squash and has eaten a few puffs.  He's still a little skeptical but at least he's willing to give it a try. 
Sleeping- Every night is different.  He wakes up every night around 3am and seems to be wide awake and ready to go.  Some nights it's easier to get him back to sleep than others.  When he's sick I give in but we are trying really hard to not pick him up and just tell him "night night" and pat his back for a minute.  Most of the he just has to cry it out. 
Development- He's on the move!!  Baby boy is doing a funny monkey crawl!  It may look funny but it gets him where he needs to go.  Separation anxiety is still going strong.  I look forward to that getting better.  :)  If you throw a ball in his lap he will throw it back to you.  It's not the best throw but he understands the concept.  He pulls up on everything and is happiest when he's standing.  If you hold onto his hands he can walk pretty fast.  His crib is now on the lowest level and you are guaranteed to find him standing up, looking around at 3am.  He still loves bath time and can sit up in the water on his own (he was a little wobbly until now). 
Clothing size- Size 3 diapers. Still mostly 9 month stuff.  In BabyGap 6-12 month. 
Things mommy loves- Seeing his big cheesy smile.  He is easily amused and constantly smiling.  When I pick him up from school he gives me the biggest smile and crawls as quick as he can over to me.  Melts My Heart!!! 
Things WJG loves- His favorite toy is still his blocks and he loves books that have textured surfaces (like the Feely Bug book).  He is obsessed with his stackable rings that he's holding in the pictures below.  As soon as we get into his room he is searching for them.  It's pretty hilarious. 
When we are at a restaurant he loves playing with spoons and straws.  His favorite bath toys are the foam alphabet letters. 
Things WJG doesn't like- Getting out of the bath.  He screams!!  He just loves bath time and doesn't want it to ever end.  :)  He's also getting a little grumpy about getting in his car seat.  Once he's in there he does fine....I think he's about ready for a big boy car seat! 
Funny Dad Moments-  The other day William had food all over his face.  Gordon said, "At what point in life do you realize oh shot I have crap all over my face, I should wipe it off!"  haha.  I told him I don't think kids care (especially boys) until much later in life!
First time- Over the last month William celebrated his first Easter and had his first stomach bug that caused vomiting/diarrhea.  He's also been to lots of 1st birthday parties!
From the Doctor-  I asked Dr. Freedman if I had to start giving William whole milk since we have a ton of frozen BMilk and I'm still nursing him.  He said the new recommendations are to breastfeed until 2 years (yikes!) so I should give him bmilk for as long as possible.  He suggested that I not give William whole milk for another couple of months since he was born early.  At one year babies can try honey, egg and peanuts.  So, yesterday morning I gave William the tiniest little taste of egg.  He spit most of it out and then started coughing.  He coughed and coughed so I tried to nurse him but he continued to act funny.  I sat him up and saw that his lips were red and swollen and he continued to cough.  He was obviously having an allergic reaction.   I ran upstairs and grabbed the benadryl.  When I got back downstairs William started vomiting.  We gave him a dose of benadryl and tylenol.  He vomited some more (but not the pink benadryl thankfully) and then had diarrhea.  We got dressed and ready to go to the ER.  By the time we got downstairs he stopped coughing and seemed more comfortable.  I then proceeded to cry.  It's just so scary to think of what could happen.  I now know that when you're ready to try out eggs give them the yolk only.  We won't be trying either in our house for a while.  :)  I'm hoping the doctor will give me an EpiJr pen once he reaches the appropriate weight.  Even if I never use it....I'd feel safer having it in our house for a real emergency. 

Having William in our life for the past 12 months has been such a joy.  I just don't know what we'd do without him.  When crazy stuff happen like the egg allergy I am terrified because he's our everything.  I hate to see him anything but happy, happy, happy!!!!   xoxo


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