Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday on a Friday

This past week I had off on Friday instead of my usual Wednesday.  Gordon went to a work/charity shoot at lunch time so William and I were on our own all day.  We had an uneventful morning, nap time around 11 and then we headed out to run a few errands.  First stop was Central Market.  I wanted to check out their organic fruit/veggie selection for baby food making.  While we were there we sat outside so we could enjoy the beautiful weather while I had some lunch.  I was surprised to find that Central Market doesn't have that much more than Krogers in the organic fruit section.  They did have organic strawberries and raspberries which I've never found at Krogers.  I still haven't been able to find organic peaches, grapes, or blueberries.  Have any of you moms out there ever found these things?  I'm really not a crazy organic eating a matter of fact Gordon and I rarely eat organic.  But, I feel different when it comes to William.  I just want him to be as healthy as possible.  That's one of the reasons I make his baby food.  Not only is it cheaper but it's not as wasteful and no preservatives!  Can't beat that.  :) 
After Central Market we went on a walk at the park and W tried blueberries for the first time.  It's days like these that I'm thankful for living in a big city with a beautiful park and fun markets.  You can always find something fun to do in Houston!

Friday evening things went down boy is sick.  I'll post more on all of that soon!  We were supposed to take family birthday pictures with Alison on Saturday (thus the balloons) but had to cancel.  So, daddy snapped a few pictures.  Baby boy is going to the doctor tomorrow.....wish us luck!


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