Monday, April 15, 2013

Almost One

I'm still in disbelief that our baby will be one in just a few days.  We had a busy weekend getting ready for the big birthday weekend!  Besides birthday preparations we made a stop at the vet, home depot and William had a birthday party for one of his school friends (whos mom just happens to be my sorority sister).  AND our little buddy is officially on the move!  He's been moving from place to place by scooting around on his bottom but on Saturday he took the plunge and started crawling.  His crawl is a bit monkey looking since he won't put his right knee down.  Either way, it works! 
Yesterday we did lots of house cleaning and then William and I went on a short walk before heading to his first music class.  He was very skeptical and shy for the first 15 minutes but by the end he was laughing and crawling around.  I'm so glad we decided to sign him up.  I think it's going to be great for him.  I really think it's important for kids to learn to socialize with other kids while their mom/dad are in the room (especially during this stage of separation anxiety).  He does great at school but I'm not around...things definitely change when I walk in the room.  Swim class will start in May and we are also looking into a little gym class.  Fun times ahead!  After music class we headed to the Barteau's for fajitas and friend time.  His little friend Claire was there and she was cute as ever.  Needless to say, baby boy was tired by the time we got home!  I can't wait for Sunday at the zoo with all of our friends and family.     

   A year ago today was the day I had my emotional breakdown over baby soap.  I just knew William was coming soon and we didn't have anything we needed!  I guess I didn't think about Gordon and/or my mom being able to get that kind of stuff for us while we spent time in the NICU.  :)  While we're on the subject of sweet grandma H passed away 5 years ago today.  I'll always be sad that she couldn't meet our sweet baby William but I know she's watching after us up in heaven. 


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