Friday, February 22, 2013

10 months old

10 months old

Weight- 16 lbs
Eating- William is now eating "food" 3 time a day.  He has a 4 ounce bottle when he wakes up, 3 bottles at daycare, 1 when he gets home and a night time bottle (usually only 2 ounces).  I usually nurse him when he gets home from school and in the morning when I'm off work.  Over the last month he's tried green bean, zucchini, grapes and eggplant.  Pears and avocado are still his favorite. 
Sleeping-  Things have been going much better in the sleeping department!  He still wakes up randomly around 11pm and sometimes 2am crying.  Some of the time he puts himself back to sleep and sometimes we have to go in and put his paci back in or give him a little pat and kiss (but we never have to pick him up).  The little buddy sleeps on his side now.  He turns over immediately after being put in bed on his back and most mornings is turned the opposite direction in the bed when we go to get him up.  We've finally stopped swaddling him.  He loves sleeping with his hands behind his head so now we just put him in a sleep sack.  Things are definitely moving in the right direction!             
Development- He shakes his head yes and no but I'm pretty positive he has no idea what he's doing (it's pretty cute though).  He can get up into the crawling position and rocks back and forth.  Crawling is coming soon!  When I clap his hands together he actually opens his hands up.  He's always kept his hands in fists so now he think the clapping noise is funny. 
Clothing size- Still size 2 diapers for another couple days. Size 6 month onesie and 9 month pants.  The pants are pretty long but seem more comfy.   
Things mommy loves- Hearing him giggle.  He thinks it's hilarious if during diaper change you say "shoooweee!"  He just giggles and giggles.  I guess he thinks it's funny that we have to clean his stinky hiney.   
Mommy stuff- The pumping is starting to wear on me.  The only time I really mind it is at night.  I'm having to get up between 11-2am to pump and I'm tired.  Simple as that.  But, that's life as a mom.  My plan is to keep doing what I'm doing for another 2 months and then start weaning myself so I'm done in June.  I'm so happy to be able to help all those NICU babies and feed William (he'll probably get bmilk until he's joke....we have that much).   
Things WJG loves- Sleeping on his side, his paci, watching Gus, walking at the park and riding in the car puts him right to sleep.  He gets excited every time you turn the water on because he thinks it's bath time.  His blocks are by far his favorite toy. 
Things WJG doesn't like- He HATES having his nose cleaned and doesn't like when I leave the room.  He doesn't cry when I leave him at daycare but he does when I run to the bathroom and leave him in the bouncy seat (spoiled?!).  If we are around people that he doesn't know or if he doesn't like something he gets very quiet and puts his head down.  His head will be down but you can still see his little eye balls looking around trying to take it all in.  He's definitely have a "shy stage".
First time-  We had to sign our first accident report at daycare on William's 10 month b-day.  He fell forward and bumped his head (you can see the bruise in some of the pictures).  I know this is the first of many to come.  This month was his first Valentine's day and his first trip to the zoo. 


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