Saturday, February 9, 2013

George Strait

I've been meaning to write about the George Strait concert for quite a while now!  I have loved George forever.  My memories of him go all the way back to first grade....driving to school listening to "The Chair".  The year I was born he had his first number one "Fool Hearted Memory".  In high school I had "Baby Blue" set on repeat in my car.  Around the time Gordon and I started dating "I Saw God Today" became a hit and I couldn't help but be excited about where our life together was going. 
This was my third time to see ol' George and it was by far my favorite!  He talked a lot about the things that were going on in his life when he released each song he sang...he was funny and just seemed so content and happy out there singing.  He sang Amarillo By Morning :).  The Lubbock show was the kick off to his last concert tour (big tear).  I really hope that one day he'll show up at the Houston rodeo so William can enjoy listening to his music live!  By then I'm positive William will know his songs by heart too. 
Martina McBride opened for GS and was fabulous.  She sings so many songs that really "speak to me".  I love one of her new songs "Anyway".  I try to live by this song...I pray, I love and I believe.  My next favorite is "Wild Angels".  I can't help but think there were wild angels involved with my relationship with G.  It's such a blessing that he was brought back into my life when I was 25. 
My grandparents watched William while we were at the concert.  We took a party limo bus to Lubbock, had a nice dinner and then headed to the concert.  I'm so glad William got time with his great grandpa and GG.  I always feel sad to leave him but feel happy to have him build relationships with his family! 


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