Saturday, February 2, 2013

TCH Milk Donation

I got the sweetest email from Texas Children's the other day thanking me for all the milk that I've donated.  They even sent me a picture of the milk after it is processed and ready to give to those precious NICU babies!  So far I've donated 5.6 Liters of milk which is about 200 ounces.  The TCH NICU in Houston gets the milk in 4 ounce bottles, which in most cases, can feed two or three babies (remember William started out eating 5 cc each feeding and went home from the NICU eating about 30cc, which is only ONE ounce). 

If you're interested in donating please know that it's SO easy!  All you have to do is fill out a form with about 50 questions of past medical history, have blood drawn, test your freezer temperature, and start collecting milk.  Once I've collected the milk I request a FedEx delivery box.  It's sent to my house within a week.  All the instructions are inside the freeze some ice packs for 48 hours....after that, call FedEx to schedule a pick up, load up the milk and the freezer packs and tape up the cooler and box!  Simple as that.  I've sent two boxes so far, have one to be sent this week and need another one!  I have been blessed.  I have been able to feed William, donate to TCH and help feed some family members twin babies.  I cried when I got the email from TCH.  It makes my heart so happy to know I'm helping all those precious little babies.  I would do it forever if I could!  To be honest, I would love to be a surrogate mother someday.  I don't know if it'll ever happen since I have a "funny body"?!?!?  To think that I could help someone have a baby makes me smile.  Even before I had William I knew that being a mother was priceless and there would be NOTHING better in this world.  I was right.  He is everything to me and G.  I know 9 months of pregnancy is a lot but it's nothing if I could give someone a lifetime of happiness! 

Love this little man!

Finally trying out the highchair


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