Saturday, February 23, 2013


William got a dance and play puppy from one of our Texarkana friends and he has mixed emotions about him!  When he was 6 months old he was terrified.  He would cry hysterically when it started "singing".  Around 8 months old he started to warm up to the puppy.  He would reach for him, touch his ears and even laugh.  He's kinda reverted back to the scared stage.  I got him out on Wednesday and as you can see in the pictures he was a little timid.  He would look at the puppy like WHAT THE HECK and then look at me for reassurance that things were okay.  Then he'd look back and his eyes would get huge.  In the picture on the bottom left he was doing his "shy thing"....if he lowers his head surely it won't be able to see him (and maybe it will go away!).  In the middle picture he is riding on his rocking lion from his nana and papa.  He could see it in his closet and kept reaching for it.  He definitely has the rocking motion down.  SO big and ready to be on the move!


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