Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

William and I had a fun day yesterday experimenting with a couple new things.  I made home made yogurt for the first time and William tried out plums.  Since William seemed to have an allergic reaction to yogurt a couple of months ago I thought I'd try to make yogurt using bmilk.  It takes 12 hours to make and then it has to sit in the fridge for at least 3 hours before eating.  So, he hasn't tried any yet.  I'll do a post on the yogurt making process and the final taste test this weekend! 

The only time we got out was to have a quick lunch with Gordon at Jason's Deli.  He had a big meeting at 2:00 and was trying to finish up a project so, we had to make it a speedy lunch date.  We skipped our walk at the park because it was really windy.  We're still all feeling under the weather so I thought staying out of the cold wind would be best.  We went to the grocery store instead for some more baby vitamins, milk and chicken to make for dinner.  William practiced crawling, we read some books, played with lots of toys and he tried plums!  I learned something new yesterday.....prunes are dried plums.  I never realized!  After lunch I gave him some of the plums mixed with cereal and milk and he seemed to like it.  That night I gave him a few bites of just the plums and he started making the funniest faces.  I tried them and they were a little tart (but still yummy).  I think it was a new and unfamiliar taste for him.  I was cracking up laughing at his faces.  Needless to say, I was a giggling mess all night between William and Duck Dynasty!  I guess it's a good thing to have your cheeks hurt at the end of the night from smiling a lot.  :)  SIGN OF A GOOD DAY!

Gordon and I have some fun weekends ahead of us.  We have a wedding this weekend, rodeo the weekend after, William and I have a trip to Midland planned, Gordon has his brother's bachelor party and after that Texarkana.  We are going to be busy!

I still can't believe it's already March and almost spring time.  I'm super excited about the summer being right around the corner.  I'm really hoping to get some color on this body this year!  We already have some fun weekends in the sun planned....a weekend in San Antonio, our yearly trip to Rosemary Beach, we are going to try out a new lake this year with my family, baby's first trip to Galveston and I'm hoping to make it to Austin for some time by the water at Hula Hut and The Oasis. 

  • He loves his puppy!
  • Funny faces while he eats plums
  • Not wanting to lay back in the swing....such a big boy! 
Crawling is right around the corner!


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