Monday, February 25, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday (+ weekend)

This past Wednesday was cool and rainy so we didn't get to go on a walk at the park.  But, we did get to eat lunch with Gordon at Barnaby's!  Afterwards, William and I headed to Bering's to get his birthday invitations made.  I've also ordered the party favors, have someone lined up to make a cake and have the table decorations ready to go.  I even ordered some cute stamps to put on the invitation envelopes.  ....things are coming right along in the birthday department!
William tried peaches for the first time on Wednesday and he loved them.  It has definitely been moved to the favorite list.  This morning he had apple/banana/peach and he gobbled it right up (I tried it and it was pretty yummy). 
Our weekend was pretty boring.  Gordon and I talked about going to the BBQ cookoff but he ended up being really sick (fever and all) so we just did a lot of lounging.  We did make it to the Galleria on Sunday so Gordon could get some new jeans.  I never thought the day would come that he'd wear anything but Levis but ladies and has.  He is now the proud owner of Banana Republic jeans!! 
The little man and I went on a couple walks around the park this weekend.  I figured a little fresh air would be good for both of us (and I can always use the exercise).  We also signed W up for a music class this spring at a nearby church.  He loves banging things around and making noise so I'm sure he'll love every minute of it!  Two of his school friends go to this music class so there will be some familiar faces.  :)  We also registered him for a mommy/baby swim class.  William has some fun times ahead of him!

Here we are having a little date at the park together while Daddy napped.  I can hardly believe how much hair he's gotten over the past 2 weeks.  I'm happy and sad all at once.  Bald babies are just so darn cute!  I was bald forever so I'm a little surprised his is growing so fast.  

From left to right:
  • Baby boy loves peaches!
  • They really are two peas in a pod.  They even sleep exactly the same way. 
  • Getting ready to make some babyfood (...and yep that's a new food maker!)
  • This picture's actually from V-day.  William was helping me mail our 3rd box of milk to the NICU babies.
  • Playing with Gus at the pond behind our house.  William was cracking up. 
Maybe I'll do another post on "things that make life easier" one day soon.....and include why we have the new baby food maker.  There really are some baby products out there that are a must and some things that work better than others.  We used the nap nanny ALL the time until recently.  When we first started feeding William he didn't do well sitting up so we fed him in the nap nanny until January when we moved to the highchair! 


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