Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday Valentine's style

On Wednesday William and I had our usual busy day together.  Before heading to lunch with Gordon we stopped by Michael's for some birthday party supplies.  That's right folks, William's first birthday will be here before we know it.  Since it was Ash Wednesday we went to Berryhill for some yummy fish tacos.  I love me some Berryhill!  We don't go very often but during lent it's our Friday night spot. 
After lunch William and I went on a walk at Memorial Park and then headed home for nap time, laundry, and cakeball making!  W tried eggplant for the first time and seemed to like it a lot.  A couple of weeks ago we tried grapes and he loves those too.  I mix the grapes with pears, apples and/or bananas since they are so watery. 
For Valentine's Day William gave his teachers and friends some yummy red velvet cakeballs.  They are time consuming to make but every bite is worth it! 
My cute Valentine shirt!


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