Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Now and Then

A year ago today I got a fabulous early birthday present....we got to see our little peanut on the big screen.  William hadn't been very corroborative during the 19 week anatomy scan so we were asked to come back 2 weeks later to have his C-spine measured.  I remember the appointment like it was yesterday.  The Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor said William was a pretty baby with a beautiful heart, a healthy cord, I had a nice long cervix and we found out I had a bilobed placenta.  We got some great pictures of baby boy.  His little feet were only 3.4 cm long!!  SO little.  In the ultrasound pictures it looks like he's sucking his thumb.  I thought we would have a thumb sucker on our hands (like his daddy was) but we don't.  He does love having his hands by his face (like the top left picture).  My mom used to think I posed him in pictures.  Nope.  He just loves those hands by his face! 
Now, a year later, we have the most precious baby in the world (at least we think so).  My little cuddle bug loves bath time, playing with his blocks, peek a boo with daddy, eating avocados and a paci at night time.  It still amazes me just how much I love him.  I probably kiss him 1 trillion times a day.  Honestly, every day is better than the last.  I used to think I'd be sad to see the "baby stage" go away but I'm really not.....watching his little personality form is just so fun.  We are constantly laughing at him.  I know that he'll just get funnier and funnier. 
I'm guessing next year on February 6th I'll be talking about our wild man that only runs, doesn't walk, loves swinging at the park and has made my heart grow even more!

Tomorrow is my birthday and I have officially started my 4 day weekend!  YIPEEEE.  William and I have a busy day tomorrow.  We are going to get new tires for my car and I'm headed back to Define for the first time since bedrest last March.  The best part is it's a Define Baby class!!  I'm sure I'll be unable to move on Friday.  But, you've gotta start somewhere!!  So, cheers to lots of time with W, G and my parents who are headed this way on Friday. 
~ The center picture was taken by my best friend, Alison Wilson.  Stay tuned for the rest of our Valentine's Day pictures and more infomation on how to book Ali for your next photo shoot.  She'll be doing William's 1 year pictures before I know it AND his birthday party.  Time sure does fly by.....


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