Friday, February 15, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday/Weekend

Last week I had four fun filled days off of work!!  My dad had a hunting trip planned near San Antonio this week so they decided to swing on over to Houston for my birthday weekend! 
My mom and I did some shopping on Saturday while the boys went shooting.  We found some great stuff for their new house and we got a fancy new Starbucks single cup coffee maker!  (I'm hoping this little shot of extra caffeine in the AM will get G moving a little faster.  haha)  That night we headed to Tony's for my birthday dinner with some of my favorite friends.  Things have definitely changed over the years....we went from juggling margaritas to juggling kiddos.  It was pretty comical.  Kami brought her husband and 2 kids (Paige-2 and Griffin-9 months), Rachel brought her husband, her 34 week baby bump and daughter (Emersen-18 months), Tina brought Alex (12 months) and Stacy brought her 2 girls (Emery-6 and Ellery-3).  YEP, that's a lot of kids.  My parents loved it, Grant and Emily got a good dose of birth control and Anna got a little glimpse at her future. It was so funny to look down at the table of kiddos and think about "how they became".  There are a couple "whoops" babies, 2 invitro babies, and a couple planned babies....and they are all 100% adorable. 
Thank you to all my friends and family that made my birthday so special!! 

From left to right:
  • My sweet family
  • Aunt Emily with William and daddy
  • Uncle Grant holding W
  • The gang
  • Nana and Papa with W
  • love!

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