Tuesday, February 19, 2013

TCH Guest Blogger

Never will I ever….. That’s one of the things I used to say about my life after our baby arrived. Never would I ever stop having date nights with my husband.
But, let’s be honest, things do change. Your life is busier, you’re more tired, and there’s way more that needs to get done. You are after all trying to keep a helpless little human alive, well and loved 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That’s time consuming!
So, how have I ensured that my husband and I spend quality time together?  It may sound cheesy but there is one single word that I try to keep in my mind….I remember. When exhaustion is setting in and our comfy bed is calling my name I think back to the day I met Gordon. Back to the day I walked down the aisle to his big happy smile, to our lazy days in Hawaii during our honeymoon , to the first kiss he gave me after William was born and the way he held my hand when I went to the NICU to meet our baby boy for the first time. When I close my eyes and remember all of these precious moments I get a burst of energy and dinner and a movie with my best friend sounds much more appealing. I truly believe that to be the best parent to your child you have to be happy with yourself and your relationship with your partner. I’ve only been married for 2 ½ years and I’m far from perfect, I’m by no means an expert, and I’m definitely not a marriage counselor but so far this works for me. So, to all you soon to be parents out there….know that things will change but you can still make time for each other. Make it a point to eat dinner together every night. Find a weekly show on TV that you both enjoy. It will give you something to look forward to! And, every once in a while dial that babysitter or grandparent up and schedule a date night. Get out of the house for a few hours and talk about something besides that beautiful baby (you can talk about them some of course!).

Remember. Remember the couple that you were before and the couple that you are now and be proud of yourself for spending some alone time together! Sometimes you have to put the vacuum aside and let the dishes sit for a few more hours, because you know what it will all get done eventually! So, have a little fun with that mommy or daddy that helped bring your beautiful baby into this world!

Always laughing!
....and loving

....even when things are scary & not how you planned.

** I really enjoyed writing this blog!  Like I said, I'm no expert but everything I wrote is how I feel.  Life is tiring and it's hard to keep up sometimes.  Working full time, being a full time mom and wife takes every ounce of me.  But, I wouldn't have it any other way.  This is how I envisioned life.  Crazy busy!  Gordon and I always find a way to cuddle and watch a movie together (it took us 2 nights to watch Flight...better than nothing right?!?).  My new favorite time with him is while I'm cooking dinner.  He used to come home after work and then go to the gym so he wasn't home while I cooked.  Now he goes to the gym from work and then comes home so he's there when I'm cooking.  He talks and plays with William, I cook and we talk about how our days went.  It's so funny to watch William and Gordon together.  Melt my heart! 
Every stage in our life has been so happy and full of fun.  When you get engaged you have so much to look forward to and are so excited.  Once you're married things settle down and you have all this time on your hands to just chill and live life.  Then you are pregnant and fantasizing again!  In some ways parenting ages you (lack of sleep. ha.) and in other ways it makes you younger and so excited about life.  :)   We have so much to look forward to!


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