Thursday, February 7, 2013

Birthday Fun

Today was my 31st birthday!  I had a fabulous day off work with baby boy.  Gordon took us to get donuts this morning which is my favorite splurge.  Afterwards, William and I headed to get new tires for my car, to the post office, and then to DefineBaby.  I was so nervous about going back to a work out class.  I haven't done ab exercises since October 2011 so I had a reason to be nervous!  I told the instructor to not be concerned if I sat down at some point. haha.  I was pleasantly surprised....I hung in there, it felt great and William loved every minute.  I had him in the BabyBjourn and he thought the whole thing was hilarious.  Nothing makes working out easier than seeing your baby laughing.  Afterwards, Gordon met us next door for lunch. 
William and I headed home after lunch and took a 2 hour nap together.  BEST DAY EVER!  William and I played, I made baby food, he tried zucchini for the first time and then I headed to my monthly APHON meeting where I got to see Alison and several other girlfriends. 
Life is good.  I couldn't ask for any more.  :)

  • Photo shoot with babyboy before my meeting
  • I need to learn how to set my timer to take photos!  We ended up getting an okay pic of us :)
  • I came home to this surprise, a hilarious card and a sleeping baby.  He's a sweet man.

Here's a little flash back of birthdays past!

26th Birthday!  Gordon and I started dating right after my 25th birthday.  This picture is from my 26th birthday with my girls!  Gordon was still living in Austin so I had a girls night out.  We had dinner at my favorite, La Griglia and then went to Pub of course.  Alison was pregnant with Hunter so she skipped the bar!  

27th birthday!  We all went to dinner at some place downtown (can't remember the name anymore) and then we headed to midtown and eventually Pub of course.  Alison was pregnant again with Parker.  LOL. 

28th Birthday!  Gordon and I had just gotten engaged!  We went to dinner at Pappa's Steakhouse and then met up with some friends.  The next day I had a painting party with my girlfriends on Superbowl Sunday. 

29th Birthday!  This was my first year as a married lady.  My parents were in town.  We all had dinner at El Patio and then headed to Pub of course. 

30th Birthday!  This was my first birthday to ever be a preggo lady.  HAHA.  I was about 22 weeks pregnant and Gordon took me to my favorite....La Griglia.  I ate so much that I felt sick to my stomach (and we did not head to Pub)! 

I'm a lucky girls!  I have great friends, a great family and a fabulous husband.  I love thinking back to all my oh my how things change.  Life has a funny way of changing and just getting better and better.   

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